You MUST do these things before releasing your beats:

1) Register your beats with your publishing company, ASCAP or BMI. It won’t cost you anything to sign up

2) Copyright your music. You can do it super easy as a whole project for the same price it costs to do just one single. The whole reason for this is so if anyone ever sues you or you have to sue somebody else, you have it registered and your chances of winning are MUCH higher.

3) Choose your distribution company, such as TuneCore or DistroKid that will put your music on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

4) Create all of your MAIN social media so that you exist everywhere. Then Create a video for every single beat on your project in the format that that social media uses. For instance, on Instagram the dimensions are 1000 x 1000 so it’s a square. I also recommend for each of your beats you create a lyric video which will increase visual stimulation to anybody who watches your video. This will gain you more fans and keep people around longer to actually listen to your stuff. I have a course on how to make lyric videos easy

How To Start A Business Making Lyric Videos For Other Artists Course

5) Prepare your marketing plan. Most artists fail because they spend more time making the music than they spend marketing the songs. Remember, it can take a year plus of promoting a beat to get it heard.

6) Make your EPK to prepare to send out to the blogs. Include one high quality photo that represents you best as an artist. Include short bio on yourself that will let people know about you when they get your EPK.

7) Get your hands on the 200+ hip hop blogs list because artists submit to blogs. You can have the blogs promote your beats to artists who submit:

The 200 Best Hip-Hop Blogs Contact List (2020 Edition)

8) Hire a promo company to push your beats to artists or learn how to market yourself:

Over 100 Genius Marketing Ideas To Gain New Fans

9) Make a radio friendly version of your beats (in case your tag curses) in case a DJ needs it. I’ve had parents ask me for radio friendly versions so they can play it at the roller rink for their kids birthday party.

10) If you don’t already have an established name or a bio that pops up on Google when people type in your name, it will help you to make your website so when someone looks you up you have a place that tells everyone about you. It’s SUPER EASY to make a basic website and get hosting for it:

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