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It’s time to decide what kind of beat maker you are. There are two kinds of beat makers: people who are just concerned with selling beats now, and people who ALSO have their eye on the future and strategic team-ups and placements that will advance their fame + profits in a bigger way.

You’re becoming this second kind of beat maker.

You will need to be this way if you want that next-level power and influence. Seeing your name next to Drake’s in a press release announcing a new song is not impossible, at all. But it does mean making choices and making moves in a focused way.

Getting your beats placed with big artists, getting your beats on TV and in movies and other media like commercials is possible, even likely. This bonus course will show you the path you need to take, with step by step moves and explanations along the way. It goes WAY BEYOND signing up for scammy “licensing” sites that charge YOU and never pay out or get you any placements.

You have probably not even scratched the surface of the money you could be making. You know we’ve spent time here showing you all the hidden ways to make extra money with beats you already made.

But this course also gives you the steps you need to get that clout. Having a beat placement in mainstream media (a big artist, commercial, movie or TV show) puts you in a new class as a beat maker.

This INFORMATIVE Course Takes You Through:

About the Instructors

CEO + Founder, Smart Rapper
Rob is the CEO and Founder of Smart Rapper, a world famous educational platform for rappers and recording artists. He is a master of strategy for sales and online platforms and has released over 100 courses and over 3,000 videos on YouTube. Rob has conquered strategy for platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, and YouTube. He created Smart Beat Maker after working with the biggest beat sellers in the business and learning the methods that sell beats best.


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