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YouTube Beat Beast: Secret Tools To Get 10x The Views + Sales On Your YouTube Beats

Even if you currently use YouTube to sell your beats, we know you’re not using these little tricks that end up making all the difference.

YouTube has hidden tools to help you retain viewers and keep them on your channel. That means more streams, more exposure, and more money for you – not only through increased beat sales, but through YouTube’s content creator payouts.

Your videos earn money because YouTube runs ads on them. You get a cut of that money.

Trust us – those views add up, and getting a check from YouTube every month in addition to selling more beats is a win-win for any beat maker.

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Smart Beat Maker is committed to offering easy training to producers that gets HUGE results.

We offer training through online resources and video tutorials that will help you earn more and expand your name in the beat making industry.

Our courses show you how to build out multiple streams of income through one source: your beats. That means new methods and ideas that maximize your profits while minimizing time on your end. 

Our ideas are simple but brilliant. Consider this your business education, on your terms, for exactly what you need right now.

Rob Level

Founder + CEO, Smart Beat Maker

Rob is the CEO and Founder of Smart Rapper, a world famous educational platform for rappers and recording artists. He is a master of strategy for sales and online platforms and has released over 100 courses and over 3,000 videos on YouTube. Rob has conquered strategy for platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, and YouTube. He created Smart Beat Maker after working with the biggest beat sellers in the business and learning the methods that sell beats best.

Our Results

At Smart Beat Maker, we’re focused on success. Our methods come from tried and true testing and tips from the biggest beat sellers in the business. We wouldn’t tell you to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves. It’s time for you to use these ideas to build a loyal, lucrative, ORGANIC customer base.

Check out REAL results from using our training and programs.

Our Training

We’ve got everything you need on lock. Our programs take you through multiple areas of easy expansion for max results on minimum time.

Sales Steps + Systems

to Boost Your Cash Flow Instantly

Learn the online sales secrets used by moguls everywhere to earn millions through the internet. Part sales psychology, part strategy, part logic – your mind AND pockets will expand. 

Money "Catching" Methods

To Claim the money you're missing

Beat makers are leaving big money on the table: that includes you. There are TONS of extra ways to earn off your beats besides lease sales. Plug in and get started claiming that cash.

Pro Level Strategy

To Give You Insider Tools

The sky is the limit with Smart Beat Maker and we’re pulling back the curtain on everything the successful producers use to get huge paydays. Get insider hacks and tricks the big dogs use, all easy to follow and start for your business.

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